Posted by: afriyanto | July 4, 2011

Geometric Constructions

If you see a map or others related to maps, you will see and concern of the content of the maps. After that, u will see the lay out of the maps, wheter it was interesting or not. None of us will take care the right-ness of the maps, which including the accuracy and the geometric constructions of the maps. Yap, it was the common messages if you see maps.

MAPPING PHYLOSOPHY: The word mapping or to map refer to the activities of transfer and transformation. So Mapping is the process of transformation from one condition to other condition(s).  They can be in all formats, not only the surfaces of the earth, but also like;  tranfering the idea,  and others, they can be categorized into mapping (mapping the idea or concepts). Regarding to spatial, the conditions are equal to area or regions and always earth oriented.

MAPPING FROM GEODETIC PERCEPTIONS: Maps are always in 2 dimensional physically, plane and flat and they are physically in sheets of paper or book, like Atlas or Charts maps. It is simple to map a little area  (limited area) by transfering all the spatial into sheet without concerning of the geometric or spatially mistakes.

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