Posted by: afriyanto | March 12, 2011

Japan Earthquake n Tsunami (Sendai March 2011)

At 11 March 2011, 8.9 SR (recently changed to 9.0 SR), Earthquake hits Japan mainland, centered at City of Sendai, Miyagi Perfecture, norhtern of Honshu Island, Japan. This most heaviest ever earthquake generate The Tsunami (more than 10 meters height) from the sea toward eastern coast of Japan Islands and all regions in Pacific Coastal countries and cleaned up and destroy all materials infront of it.

From my deepest hearts, ” I was so sorry for what  already happened in Sendai, Japan, may God, Allah Swt, gave the strenght to the people of Japan and blessed the victims of Tsunami and earthquake.”

Amien ya rabbal alamin..  Otherwise, Japan is the older and bigger brother of Indonesia..

JAPAN TSUNAMI 12 March 2011:

The Nuclear Radiations Effect:


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