Posted by: afriyanto | February 6, 2011

The Late “Gong Xi Fat Choi 2562”

The Late “Gong Xi Fat Choi 2562″…..on 3 February 2011

The Reds… I like the Chinese very much…..

Red n Black Barongsai



From: tobz on November 1, 2010
at 11:17 pm   “sedikit ralat, “GNP per kapita ato sekarang lebih dikenal dengan GDP perkapita”

Ralat, GNP dan GDP berbeda..GNP adalah Gross national product, sementara GDP adalah gross domestic product…

From: ADVENT on February 3, 2011
at 11:57 pm

tau gak laporan data GNP dan GDP di Indonesia? soalnya saya cari di GOOGLE ga ada! tolong bantuannya~
kalo dapat kirim ke e-mail saya saja

ANSWER: To Mr. Tob and Mr. Advent , Thx for the comments on the GNP and GDP. (1). First, GNP is the older form of GDP, GNP is term used for in region of  National context, meanwhile GDP can be used to the national and local  context too, and it can be translated as PDRB (2). GDP or GNP can be search from Google from the websites of UNDP, just click the key word GNP or GDP, UNDP. Thx for the comments and confirmations…



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