Posted by: afriyanto | November 21, 2010

16TH ASIAN GAMES 2010: Guangzhou

16th Asian Games 2010 (12 November 2010- ) at Guangzhou, China:

THE PARTICIPANTS: There are 44 states from 5 regions in Asia participates in this big sport Asian events.



THE MEDALS: The temporally results of ASIAN GAMES 2010

KOMENTAR TENTANG ASIAN GAMES 2010 (RELATED TO INDONESIA): China is still the most powerful country in Sport Games, in Asia and Universe. No countries in this world will take place China, as the Championship of all sports event, untill they adopt China System in managing the Sport. Incase of Indonesia, with population more than quarter billions, in case of Sport, must adopt the China system. It is so humilitated that Indonesian position/rank in 15 place below Thailand (9) and Malaysia (10). It is not polite by seeing the facts, if I said that, Indonesian people with quarter billions inhabittan, just expert in producing babies…... he he….


TKI/TKW SUMIYATI; In case of tourtoring Sumiyati the Indonesia woman maid  working in Arabic family, Arab Saudi, one word expressed from my deepest hearts as sympatize of one of Indonesian citizen in due to Arabic family bad behaviour, “Fucking the Arabic, that’s why they always fight/fought and quarrell each-other and humiliated by the Jewish….”


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