Posted by: afriyanto | September 10, 2010

Happy Eid Mubarrok 1431 H

Islam is a universal religion down to earth from Allah swt. Islam is the complete processing of the previously religious, Jewish and Christianity and maybe the teachings sheets of old Shuhuf of Abraham The  prophet. Al- Quran or The Koran is the biggest miracle of Islam containing and repairing of the truth side of previously Torah (Old Testament) and The Bible. So, Al Quran is the universal word from the creator, Allah swt. The efforts of demolotioning  and burning the Al-Quran are the un-rational ways of some faithful people in this world. Islam with the Al-Quran didn’t teach his adherents to make terrorisms,  killings, and others. Al Quran is the holy gift left from Allah swt that still remained the world… So, why must those some certain people must hate the Al-Quran, The un-explore treasure..? Happy Eid Mubarrok 1431 H. From Afriyanto N. Djunaidy Chan..


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