Posted by: afriyanto | July 30, 2010

Removing The Heartquarter: Jakarta

Jakarta is the old city of Indonesia and as the capital and heartquarter of Government. As the heartquarter of moreless 250 millions of Indonesian’s people, Jakarta hold a very important role in all aspects of Indonesian life and becoming the settlement of more than 9 millions people at night time and 14 millions people making the activities at daytime. Local floods, delivery flood from hilly area in southern of Jakarta ( he he), traffics jams, urbanizations are the daily consumptions of Jakarta Citizens. In other words, we can say that, Jakarta now is out of his carrying capacity as satisfaction city for his people.

Removing The Heartquarter: Many ideas of removing Indonesian heartquarter from Jakarta to outer area and to other Island of Indonesia like Palangkaraya in Kalimantan had been becoming only lips-topics of how to dissolve the Jakarta problem since the era of Soekarno. In some case, many countries, developed and developing countries,  had already moved their heartquarters to a new spesific planned city area. A new capital for the rulling government were not always the bussiness centre and the most populated places of the countries, the old paradigm which always skecthed on our mind.We can take examples of Brazil’s new capital, Brassilia located at the platue of Amazona is less populated  city comparing to Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paolo, the metropolitant of Brazil.

Nigeria already moved their capital city from Lagos to Abuja. Pakistan already moved their capital city from Karachi in Arabian sea to well planned city Islamabad in Hilly Hilamayan. Recently, Kazakhtans also moved their capital from Alma-Ata to Astana.


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