Posted by: afriyanto | July 23, 2010


The Fact is; In civilization society like  Europea there still the aura of dis-harmony between the ethnic and the main state and the fringe area of that state. Transdniestria  is part of small state of  Moldova, The Ex of USSR federation state and the formerly of Beserbia Romania occupied by The Russia and part of The traditional land of Vampire, Transylvania………

THE BALKANS: Europea, recently becoming the most densely states continent in World. Out of the unification of West and East Germany becoming Germany, many new states were created during the post of World War II in era of 90 and 2000. The separation of Czekoslovakia to Czekos and Slovakia, and preceded by the creations of the Ex USSR states after the fall of Communist in USSR, The separations of Yugoslavia becoming 6 states and later the declarations of Kosovo which is part of Serbia. And The Balkans Peninsula regions became the most numberuous  states in Europea after the creations of many states separated from their main states.


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