Posted by: afriyanto | January 2, 2010

Sample Simple Canopy

Sample simple canopy or pergola infront of a standard house: Canopy is the outer part of a house/building facing the outside views. A canopy functions as a shelter for gathering of family or protecting the outside of a home from the hot temperature or rainy days and some people called it as the terrace of a house. For a standard type 45 (46,48), 55 (56) of a house, we can made a simple canopy with the material majority from wood and it will not impress the luxury of a house regarding to the limitation of or budgets and our traditional preferences interests.

The Fences: Some estate prohibited the settler to build the wall or separated wall block like fences on their houses. This main set primarly to keep the orginal view of the estate/cluster landscape.

The Roof: Eeach ethnict in Indonesia have their own design, style, and typical of the roof  for a house.

Traditional Symbols: Indonesia with somany culture inside are a land of full traditional symbols. The symbol are reflected to their house, crafts, statues, and others. Here are some samples of Indonesian symbols from Dayaks, and Java Island.


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