Posted by: afriyanto | December 22, 2009

Coup d’Etat

Coup d’Etat is originated from a French word means toppled or coup a regime or a government in a country or a state, or, coup d’etat may be occured at a system that were already corrupted and it merely happenend in a tyrannical regime (usually a military regime). Coupdetat already done in Indonesia history, since the demolitions actions of Soekarno government with the tools of SUPERSEMAR, and/or softly coupdetat by constitutions or law.

COPUD’ETAT IN SOME COUNTRIES: The well known coupdeta in world was set in little country in Africa, Uganda, the tyran of brutally Idi Amin Dada Oumee. and then maybe in Haiti, the ex-colony of France in Caribia, with the dictator, Jean Duvalier. Some un-stable countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America were frequently had the coupd’etat, by the militiary or by the people power.


Gurita in English is Octopus, a kind of Deep Sea Animal with many tentacles..

The Picture above is the cropping of a cover of a book banned by Indonesian Authority, titled “Gurita Cikeas” by …., just a few days after the release. Gurita, actually is a deep sea animal living in big and deep ocean which had many tentacles. Gurita sometimes symbolized the family and mafia link made by the empire or regime to describe how much the link deeply influenced  the system or the states in economics, financial, tender of projects, etc. Otherwise, gurita also is also named as the kind of dress wearing for the baby/small baby just born.


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