Posted by: afriyanto | December 20, 2009

Orchids, Bakso Hasan Sadikin, Lumpia Basah, Turkey Kebab

Indonesian Orchids: Indonesia are a home of so many beautiful orchids in worlds. We can find many species of orchid grew in Indonesian forest of Sumatera, Java, Borneo, Papua, Celebes, etc. Many specific orchirds only can be found around Indonesian Archipelago, like, black Orchirds that found in Borneo. Orchirds are a kind of parasite plant s  which living and taking their food from the trees they settled/occupied.

From many literature, ironically, we are sorrow to know that some countries nearby Indonesia, like Thailand for examples,  already succeed to develop some orchids becoming an important commodities and attracts many tourists to visits their orchids plantations and becoming a symbol/identity of their succesful in developing that plant.

I am not expert in botany or agronomy or others related with the plants studies, but I  like the beauty aura from the orchids with the blossom of their flowers coloring in red, white, pinks and yellow. These pictures of Orchids were taken at Cibubur extended gallery of plants, near Mall of Citra Gran Estate.


To: Angelius Vincent Tonda at DKP Sikka, Maumere; Merry Christmas 09 n Happy New Year 2010. Late is better than never.. he he..


Mie Atceh and Yulida: Thx Ully (Yulida Rimadri) for passing by to my blog, it is so nice and adorable of u to visit my blog…


BAKSO HASAN SADIKIN: Bakso yang paling enak itu di Bandung, bisa ditemukan di belakang rumah sakit provinsi Hasan Sadikin. Tempatnya sebenarnya strategis, tapi karena warung-nya kecil dan sempit, maka pas jam makan siang selalu antre dan kepenuhan. Eeeitt..tunggu dulu ada yang spesial, kalo kita-kita sudah agak kenal dengan  si mas-mas nya yang tukang jual bakso itu, satu porsi bakso bisa berisi tidak hanya bakso tapi juga tambahan lainnya, seperti, ceker ayam atau tulang sup iga sapi dengan harga yang tetap sama,  cuma Rp. 6000, saja. Pelanggan bakso tersebut juga beragam, dari para dokter-dokter, mahasiswa FK, para perawat, pengunjung RSHS, orang yang cuman lewat doank, sampe para hantu penunggu kamar jenazah RSHS (kata-nya) (bukan suster ngesott lhoo), he he… cobain dach kalo anda ke Bandung lagi..


LUMPIA BASAH: Lumpia is a kind of Indonesian Traditional Food covering with egg skin (like ommelet, maybe) at  the out side and many kind of mixed vegetables and meat at the inside. The inside are  content of: Tauge, meat, eggs, cornet, etc..




  1. เคบับเนื้อ เคบับไก่ สำเร็จรูปแบบหมักด้วยสูตรต้นตำรับจากตุรกี พร้อมส่ง และอุปกรณ์ ประกอบด้วย เตาเคบับเป็นแก๊ส ไฟฟ้า
    พร้อมสูตรโดยเชฟชาวตุรกีเป็นผู้สอน สามารถประกอบกิจการได้เลยสนใจติดต่อ ออกบูทงานปาร์ตี้ งานแต่งงาน งานวันเกิด งานปีใหม่ งานเทศกาลต่างๆ
    จำหน่าย Ramazan Döner kebap

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