Posted by: afriyanto | December 10, 2009

Multiplier Effect

Multiplier Effect is a term in developing studies to refers how a system/ an areas can accelerate  and grow economics developments within and nearby that system or the areas with the subjects are the society/communities and the system/areas himself. In other words, multipliers effects is regarding with the “motor” of an area/system becoming more in productivites

SAMPLES, AN ESTATE IN CIBUBUR EXTENDED: Economics growth machines of an Area are not only the manufacturing, mall, or industries that absorbed many employer, but also like the some real-estates or the housing. An estate can provide the people surrounding and the outcomers many new employment/jobs or temporary ones. Like, to rehab, enlarge and rebuilding their new house, the settler of estate hired local contractor/employeer which somestimes the workers comes from their same village in Java.

THE SERVANT: New houses means new family. Some family in estates take the people usually woman/old woman nearby their home to be the servants.


LEAKAGE OF ELECTRICITY: Based on some experts predictions, there will be 12 provinces in Indonesia will be decreasing of energy power electricity, majorly the provinces located in Sumatera Island. Sumatera: 1. Aceh, 2. Northern Sumatera, 3. Western Sumatera, 4. Southern Sumatera, 5. Riau, 6. Jambi, 7. Bengkulu, 8. Lampung. Borneo:9. West Borneo, 10. Eastern Borneo, Celebes: 11.Southern Celebes, and 12. Bali. (Sources Kompas).  Comment and Analysis: Indonesia with so many rich natural resources will be leak of energy power, it is so embarassing conditions, meanwhile so many smart and intellect people with electrical engineering background just do nothing with that poorer conditions of Indonesia power supply.


CITY FOREST: RTH (Ruang Terbuka Hijau or Green Area) in a city can be a vacant land along the river-banks and drainage, inland water, reservoir, coast-line, and SUTET area ( under  High Volatage area), and along the Toll roads. UUTR , Indonesia Spatial Constitution, oblighted a city providing 30% of it’s city area to become a zone of green area, moreless 200 km2. The divisions  responsibility of this constitutions are: 20% from public and 10% from the private. In  currently case of Jakarta 2009, this city only provide 9.6% (estimate approximiate area is 50-60 km2 of  660 km2 DKI area) of its area. By seeing the current and the fact situation and conditions of Jakarta environment and the existing of the rest  Jakarta green area, the numbers of 60 or 50 km2 of green area  is the true numbers or just a fake estimate numbers…? wallahu alam..

City Forest at Cibubur, Eastern Jakarta.


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