Posted by: afriyanto | December 7, 2009


Papua’s male traditional clothes which cover only the genital area of his body made from the umbi or roots of certain plants called koteka. Yap, Papuas male primarly the natives which inhabits in mainland of Papua wear the clothes only covers his genital area. This “clothes’ shaped the form of genital’s male which had long and sometimes fat forms and it only cover the penis not the ball of one’s male. And koteka was tied up to the body (the under body) with the tails. Wanna try the koteka? He he…better wear koteka in the origin area.. more colder the weather, more fascinating wearing the koteka.. the natives said.

THE KOTEKA: Koteka, traditionally used and wear by some native people in remote inland of Papua and Papua New Guinea. Many variations of Koteka can be found right now, and sometimes it declares the class or the strata the man use that clothes. The more vary of Koteka, the more higher the class of the man used it. So, if we travel to inland area of Papua, we can find that the head/leader of a clan/tribes used more beautiful koteka. And for the outcomer, we are not allowed to photograph them instantly. They will ask the permission for the purpose of the photos we will take.  The instant way, we can provide them some needed things to persuade, such as, cigarette, money, etc.

MODERNIZATION: In some part, modernization is a better way to improve the quality of lives one person or groups in a community. But in other part, modernization sometimes will decrease the the value of traditional culture of one region, primarly the spirit of the culture.  Modernization of The Papua, for example, making Papuan people wear the normal/standard clothes.

Otherwise, I can’t find out which koteka suit my “18 cm” size… He he..

ADNAN BUYUNG NASUTION: Bang Adnan itu orang yang pinter dan keukeh serta idealis yang masih tersisia di Indonesia. Dari artikel yang pernah penulis baca pada jaman baheula, Bang Adnan itu rela meninggal prospek karir dari calon tukang batu (Dept. T. Sipil. ITB, versi-nya bang Adnan) untuk menjadi seorang Ahli Hukum. Berbeda dengan Amrik yang bagian Hukum-nya dipenuhi oleh orang-orang pinter dan logis,  Dept of Law, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, per-hukum-an di Indonesia masih rendah dan kurang.. terutama terlihat dari sumber daya manusia yang memilih Fakultas tsb sebagai alternatif setelah bidang ekonomi (Akuntansi, Manajemen, SP, dll) . etc. Berjuang, terus bang.. demi keadilan dan kebenaran. Nasionalisme dan patriotisme orang-orang Sumatera Bagian Utara ngga perlu diragukan lagi dalam kancah per-Indonesia-an ini..he he


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