Posted by: afriyanto | December 1, 2009

Longer and Faster

If you always make travelling between Jakarta Area to Bandung, or do the reverse, maybe the first time in your mind, you will first choose the fastest way to the destination from Jakarta. And the main choice is by traveling through via Tol Cikampek-Cipularang-Padaleunyi. The estimate time driving from Jakarta Area to Bandung is moreless 1.5 hours by private vehicles or it takes 2 (two) until 3 (three) hours by public transportations. Yap, saving more times for the busy people/bussinessman and the important one is you no need to spend the night at Bandung (otherwise adding your budget for accomodation) and your aims visiting Bandung are already done.

Yap, Cipularang Tol is the best alternative way reached to Bandung from Jakarta. But, if we analyse more deeply  related to several/many transportation passing through this tol, maybe we can be surprised of something. For example: Destination from Bogor to Bandung, which more frequently used this Cipularang Toll comparing the traditional way of Bandung Bogor via Puncak or formerly called Jalan Pos. Jalan Pos was made by The Dutch Colonial through all Java Island from Anyer in West Tip of Western Java untill Panarukan in the eastern of Java.

LONGER BUT FASTER: If you see the map from google earth the position of Bogor and Bandung, it is clear that the distance between the two cities are closer if we do travelling the 2 cities by via Puncak. But, some people ignore that condition, because although the distance is short but the times travel is too long for travelling to Bandung Via Puncak. What lessons we can take from this conditions? So many lesson we can take from this, such as: 1. Quality Of The Roads, 2. Managing Roads Infrastructure, 3.Optional of Roads Destination Surrounding.

Quality of The Roads are regarding to the class of The road. In this case, people prefer to choose using the Toll roads than the conventional/traditional road, The Post Roads. That’s why, the authority must provide to improve the quality of the roads. Minimizing the amounts of crossing roads through the post roads, limitation of the motor cycle that always making troble andaccident along the roads, etc.

Singapore: One of the best countries in Infrastructure

Managing Roads Infrastructure are regarding to the authority who handling or manage the roads.,  centre government or local authorities which release the perda or the rules of public transportations.

Optional Of Roads Destinations Surrounding,


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