Posted by: afriyanto | November 22, 2009


Vlad is a name of a prince from the darkness (a vampire, maybe) which lived in the era of middle Century in Balkan Peninsula, the exact places was Transilvania in northern of Romania. The prince was famous of his brutality to his enemies and the society around on that time. The victims of War were not only killed in brutally ways but also valded and tied up in an iron topped on the ground from his mouth till his ass. Hi..hi.. a terrible situations on that times. His brutallities and tirans were end up after all the Balkans area were invaded and conquered by the Turks Empire, and he himself were sentenced to death by his murder-vlad-way.

TRANSYLVANIA, Land of Vampires: This province of Romania was famous trhough all over the world by his tourist theme of horror, Vampires. If you wanna feel another sensation of being a tourist, maybe destination of Transylvania are due to your wild experiences of being horror and horrible feeling. The vampire Legend which almost become a theme horror in world are well managed and well pakckaged by The authority to be an interesting attractions (or places) for tourisms. The castles, the prisons and the surroundings of where the Vampire used to live and make a life are merely visited by the tourisms.

THE LEGENDS: Indonesia with more than 250 millions population inhabitants are a home of many various ethnicts from Sabang in west tip of Sumatera untill Merauke in east tip of Indonesia Archipelago. Every ethnicts in Indonesia, had their own legends living remarkably through their daily lives. The famous Legend in Sumatera, like (1) MalinKundang, an un-obedient son to her mom, (2). Sangkuriang, a son married to his mother, in Western Java. And maybe in some other part of Indonesia, they have their own un-explored legends.

HORROR PACKAGES FOR TOURISM: We should appreciated for the successful of Romania in packaging their horror legend of vampire becoming a tourism attractions destinations. One big questions for us, the Indonesian, can we optimallized our cultures which included the legends in every regions of Indonesia becoming a tourist attraction for a destination? Maybe we can see, the traces of Malinkundang in Teluk Bayur Padang which still remains the  cursed stone of Malinkundang. But, the tourists only visit, take a pictures of that destination and the destinations only influenced a little for the economics growth surrounding that regions.


CHEAT: When you found that your date, girl/or boy friend or husbands/wives (the-exes) making cheat on you, you just be patience and big hearted, and then say words; “At last, he/she met his/her own class…”. (The satire of Diana, The Princess).


NAKED: OOE (Out Of Everything), some said that it is advised that you’d better sleep at night in the dark light and totally naked. Why must be naked? It will be releasing all that tied you body up in a whole days and make  them fresh later in the morning. He he…


TO PAK DE GUH; Thx for the appraisal of my blogs.. He he.. This is just a blog, pak De. I do not want to be serious in presenting one feature. Just, make it/them an entertainment to satisfy the reader and remind us the simple things around us that influencing our lives much. Just that the aims of this blogs..


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