Posted by: afriyanto | November 11, 2009


Times is a uniquely moment and still an un-explore mystery in world. A moment in the times will be never comeback again, and it will always go trough along the periods. Einstein in MC^2 formulations justified that how much important of times parameter in a movement of a mass or a body in context of relativity. As a moslem, times is very important in handling process of lifes. Some hadith says, that, if today is better than yesterday, so you are categorized as fortuned one, but if it worse than yesterday, so you are categorized in mis-fortune group.

EVERYDAY IS A BEGINNING: Although some ethnic in world, Like the Maya Ethnics in America latin, predicted that Day After (or Qiyamat) would be happened/occured at 2012, it would not eliminate our encourages to face the days. Life and the processes of life must go on and on in our days. Just see what happened next. And romantically if we always presumme that everyday is always a beginning days..(by Barbra Streisand). By having this idea, we will always becoming a new body while we wake up in the every mornings.

DAYS AFTER: The Days After or sometimes caleed Qiyamat is a situation after all the universe, included human, etc. are vanished and perished by a procession and transformations of destuction of this worlds. In some severe Israi’liyat stories, it descibes that there will signs pre-facing the day after. The numbers of woman is multiply comparing to the male numbers, a Dajjal will go down to earth to spread the evil-ness to humanity, and others.


I HATE TWITTER, The manners inside..


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