Posted by: afriyanto | November 1, 2009

INDONESIA GOVERMENTS: The Devils Behind The Angel’s Masks

If The Robinhood, The Legend, did the robbery againts to The wealthy people/the Barons and then throw the money to the poor people, seeing the recently life of Democracy In Indonesia is likely different contrary from that, and it is suitable to be entiltled; The Devils Behind The Angel’s Mask (Penjahat Bertopeng Malaikat). See the case of un-manner and not morally fighting between some elites in The Police Institutions and The Commission for Demolitions of Indonesian Corruptions (KPK). The case is becaming crucial and merely controversial, while some very important names in Indonesia Bereaucrachy are suspected getting involved in that case.

This is not include other cases; such as The Century Bank, the robbery and money manipulated by his owner by using Indonesia people, Liquidation Fund, through a banking recovering process with the aids “the release” from Indonesia Banks (BI) and Ministry of Finance regulations.

NAIVE: Corruptions is still the biggest un-finished home-work in Indonesia for the entirely years in term of developing Indonesia since The ORBA (New Reforms of Indonesia Under Soeharto) era in 1966. While The Goverment programme the plans for developing the economics and improve the rate of Indonesia prosperity in world, the efforts to demolitions of corruptions habits, primarly in the elites of Indonesia, are remarkably echo through all this nation. By this reasons, The Government urgently need to create a bereau for demolitioning the corruption, that is called KPK which formally direct to under The Presidential authority.

But, along his performance in demolitioning the corruption In Indonesia, KPK are almost succesfully captured, sentenced and jailed the corruptor and gaining the big appreciation from major Indonesia society. This condition become a dualism in government, meanwhile the bereau actually first set was to clarify the bad habbits of Indonesian corruptions in beraucrachy. All government instituion fells likes to be terrorred by the KPK and threatened.

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