Posted by: afriyanto | October 23, 2009


Papua Island is the second biggest island in world after the Greenland (belongs to Denmark) and the third largest island in Indonesia authority after Borneo and Sumatera Islands. This island actually were dominated by the ethnics of Papuan people, and still family related to the Polynesian people in the range of Pacific. Papua also known as one of the major tropical forest area in Indonesia that must be protected from illegal logging activity that merely occured in Indonesia. And traditionally, The Papuan people concentrate living in mountainous area in the central part of remote Papua.

Historically, this entirely island were colonized and divided into 3 protectorate area; the western part conquered by The Dutch and the eastern part divided between the British and Australia. In Indonesia’s part of Papua, the ex-colonize of the Dutch, with his huge un-explore land area and rarely low density of population, this island administratively divided into 2 (two) provinces, The Papua and Western Irian Jaya provinces with the headquarters, Jayapura City and Manokwari. Below the province, there are many counties (kabupaten) and the districts (kecamatan) and the tribe villages. Onething the most important about Papua, this Island still have many un-explore area and wealthy natural resources through this island and these wealthy resources must be well managed in terms of sustainibility, primarly by the native of The Papua.


THE PROBLEMS: The biggest problems of the Papuan are; the poverty, famine and the leakage of formal education among the people. We can figure out in one district in remote inland Papua for examples, Yahukimo District, some people are dying and death of being hunger. Secondly, the clash of the tribes in Papua regarding of owning of land/teritorial area, kidnapping of woman sometimes, and the clach between the tribes with the out-comers regarding to disparity in economics, and others. Why these conditions always continuously happened in Papua, maybe we can outline the red line of that problem.

INDONESIAN LANGUAGE: Indonesia language is a gift for the Papuan, whereas we can find varies of native language used by the tribes in Papua. It is a big surprised that many inland Papua from the coastal area untill mountainous region, people speak in Indonesia language in daily life.


TAK ADA YANG ABADI by Ariel: Iseng-iseng denger musik di SUN TV, ternyata lagu-nya ini lumayan bagus dan agak ber-filosofi.


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