Posted by: afriyanto | October 10, 2009

Recovery Padang

RECOVERY PADANG & WEST SUMATRA, RE-BUILDING A CIVILIZATION AND CULTURE: After The 7.6 SR earthquake destructed and collapsed The city of Padang and some parts of West Sumatra area at 30 September 2009, and remain more than 1000 thousand victims dead toll and many more thousands of un-identified and un-founded victims under the ruins of buildings and landslidea area nearby Padang, the damaged areas must be re-constructed and re-planned by carrying out the recovering.

THE EXPERIENCE: Regarding to The experience of the recovery of disaster area of Indonesia, such as NAD and Nias, rehabilitations and reconstruct an area were not only about the physiques above, which include the environment and the man made structure, but also the society itself which inhabit on that area. In case of West Sumatera, there were specific and uniques conditions where majority of West Sumatera people, also well-known as Minangkabau, adopt different culture and differ to other regions in Indonesia. Yap, it was the matrilineal system, where the people take their clan name, The marga, from their mother’s marga. Why it is so important to explore about it? Because it was regarding to the owner of the land or parcels which not belonging to individual but a group of society in the family in the same marga. This conditions, primarly still exists and happen in major pedestrian area of West Sumatera especially out of Padang City.

SO, WHAT TO DO NEXT..? Yap, this is just a pre-guide or introductions of how to manage a disaster area and make such a comprehending detailed of an area, where the people lived and dwelt on the affected area are also considered to be recovered/participated, and which one is becoming priority in re-building, the area or the settlement/house, after we list the re-classification the damage area and the rate of destruction made by the earth-quake. Re-building a region is not complete without participating of the society in those area toward the new civilization that encounter the culture that growing in that area. We are not expecting to do the same mistakes that we’d already done in NAD in previous recovery…

Words that I wrote by my own words.


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