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Karimata, After The Death, Sumatera, The Luwak

Take Off To Padang; by Karimata. Download this Song: Take Off To Padang – Karimata (size 3.99 MB).

SIMPLY WAY TO HEAVEN AFTER THE DEATH: Ada sebuah mythology Ancient Egypt pasca kematian, yaitu: seseorang pasca kematiannya sebelum diperbolehkan masuk ke dalam surga akan ditanya oleh para malaikat dengan 2 pertanyaan yang sederhana: 1). Is your life Happy? (yes or not), 2). Had you ever made anyone happy? (yes or not). If, your both answers are yes, you are permitted and welcomed to heavens…(from Jack Nicholson’s Movie, Bucket Lists). My comment: First time, I do not like very much of Jack Nicholson, but times changes, starting from “As good as it gets” Oscar movie, Jack stole my sympathy and appraisal, he owned his own character in his every performance”. He is not every one..

KENAPA MESTI SUMATERA: 5 tahun yang lalu, 26 Desember 2004, bencana (disaster) melanda Sumatera, NAD dan Sumut. Sekarang, 30 September 2009, Sumatera Barat dilanda oleh Gempa berskala besar yang memluluhlantakkan semua sendi-sendi kehidupan masyarakat Padang dsk. Terkadang terlintas, tercenung dan terpikir sesaat, kenapa mesti Sumatera yang mesti menerima semua “konsekuensi” di Indonesia dalam format bencana? Sebuah pulau yang kekayaan sumber daya alam-nya melimpah ruah berkali-kali lipat dibandingkan Malaysia, misalnya, kawasan tradisional Sumatera pada masa lalu… Sebuah negeri yang ke-Islaman-nya lebih Islam dibandingkan wilayah lainnya.

Luwaks Coffe Origin Area at The Southern Tip of Sumatera Island

Luwaks Coffee Origin Area at The Southern Tip of Sumatera Is.

The Luwak: Sumatera Island is famous of his tasty and aroma coffee around the world. You can find such many regions in Sumatera produces specifics coffee from their own lands. Such as; Gayo Coffee in NAD, Sidikalang Coffee in North Sumatera and The Luwaks Coffee. Luwaks Coffee is one of World heritages from Sumatera, Indonesia. Luwaks coffee is so special and uniquely process in harvesting the crop. Why it is so special? Because there 2 steps in processing of the Luwaks coffee. First, natural process where Luwaks coffee is coming from the seed (actually the shits..) from the coffee eaten by the Luwak. These seed were collected by the farmers and then second step is continued with the modern process in a factory.

Luwak is a kind of animal as big as mature cats and postured like a small bear which were mostly found in all Sumatera forest maybe in Lampung. The coffee eaten by these animal were not totally becoming waste. The animal process , and still produces and leave small portion of the coffee and only eliminate on the surface part of the coffee. Combining with the saliva and other internal process from the Luwak, the coffee will produces a special taste and specific aroma. One thing, it is safe for us to consume the coffee, hygienes and healthy. And the title of this feature actually, “ The Luwaks Coffee, Eat The Animal Shits.“..He he.. that’s why I love Indonesia which had many special places, events and cultures that rarely found similiar in other parts in this world (inspired by The Bucket List movie).

Luwak with Coffee (sources from a multiply internet)

Luwak with Coffee (sources from internet)


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