Posted by: afriyanto | September 27, 2008

Break with Orchestral

This Madonna’s track of This Used To Be My Playground compiled from the movie of “A League of Their Own”, This movie tells about the memoirs of some Grandma and Grandpa of their hometown team of Baseball. Starred by Geena Davis and Tom Hank. Download this song by Madonna: This Used To Be My Playground

Back to 90th music with Madonna Ballads Orchestral, Download this song by Madonna:: I Want You

Original version of I Want You, by Marvin G.

Bentuk apresiasi orang Bandung terhadap penyanyi Madonna yang jadi trayek Leuwi Panjang-Cililin

KABBALAH: Kabbalah is one sect of Jewish Religion specialization in spiritualism with basic ten (10) commands from Moses’s Torah (Taurat). Kabbalah also whorshipped older prophet (The anchestor of) from Moses, like Isaac (nabi Ishak as), the son of Abraham (nabi Ibrahim as). Maybe the last controversy from Madonna is when she convert from Kabbalah becoming a moslem…just kidding..

PS: This is dedicated for the 50’s of Madonna’s Age. Dari beberapa referensi menyatakan bahwa dalam bidang bisnis dan entertainment, seorang Madonna lebih baik dari 25 alumna MBA lulusan Harvard University digabung jadi satu…


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