Posted by: afriyanto | January 26, 2008


When you ordered tea at Coffee Shops at KL, Singapore, New Delhi or Heyderabad, dont expect you will get liquid light brown or red or plain tea like you ordered at Jakarta, or Bandung. You will get tea mixed milk. That’s right. And it is Indian style of making tea. As we know, cows, are sacred animal in Hinduisme. Cows is the reincarnations of Brahma God. So, The Indian people is harmful and forbidden to consume the beef.

BUT…..Indian people is smart enough to explore the COWS. From cows, they can produce many kind of tasty cakes or food (or Indian called, Khanna), yoghurt, etc, from their milk. And in daily life, Indian people always consume the Tea. Although, Indian is minority in Malaysia, or Singapore, or Medan maybe, but the influence of Indian style of having tea can be found there…..


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