Posted by: afriyanto | January 12, 2008

The Colour of My Life

This song was sung by “Le Petite de Quebeqois”, Celine Dion: The Song; The Colour of My Life (2,4 MB, Format MP3). It tells about the confession of the truth of one’s life. None in this world are perfect. They all had colors in their own life. Download this song: The Colour of My Life.

The French Quebec: This Canadian province has uniquely position in Canada. Different with common people of Canada which had Great Britain (British) orientations, the people of Quebeq totally adopt French Culture, Speak and System in the daily Life. They had their own parliament too, with French traditional influenced. Actually, The truly friendship of US is Frances not UK. In The year of 1800, Frances gave the US their conquers land from Louisiana till St. Louis. Because of Frances, The Territory of US becoming connected stretching from Augusta, Maine, in The north east, Atlantic Ocean till San Diego, South California border with Baja California Mexico, Pacific Ocean.

QUEBEC REFERENDUM: The referendum of Quebec for separation of Quebec from Canada in 1995 with the output vote, 51% pro Canada to 49% pro separation Quebec. From this referendum, we can take the red line about parameter of nationalism. Nationalism can be predicted with the prosperous economic one country.



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