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Eastern Jailolo is a sub-county (kecamatan) located in the tip of coastal Kao Bay, Halmahera Island, claimed by 2 (two) counties in Northern Moluccas, between West Halmahera and North Halmahera County. Administratively, Eastern Jailolo was part of North Halmahera. But, native people of Eastern Jailolo are preferred to choose united with West Halmahera, because their family relationship with people in Jailolo and economics purposes.
Eastern Jailolo is the administrative term used by West Halmahera, with the capiltal located in Akelamo Kao (Akelamo Raya). This sub-county had 6 (six) villages,: Akelamo Kao (heartquarter), Akesahu, Bobaneigo, Telewang, Pasir Putih and Sondo-sondo. All the villages are typical coastal except Bobaneigo village. Bobaneigo is a hilly village close to the beach.
Which county will be chosen by people of Eastern Jailolo, North Halmahera or West Halmahera, depend on the final decision of Legislative and Government.

Map of Eastern Jailolo
Note: (1). This area location of Villages and boundaries already consulted with the Local Province of Malut .(2). Based on the old maps of Kabupaten Maluku Utara, Provinsi Maluku, this sub-county was under authorized of Jailolo county. Jailolo county drawn in this maps had access to coastal of Kao bay strecthing from Pasir putih until Dum-dum village.

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