Posted by: afriyanto | December 27, 2007



Pasca Tsunami 2004, moreless one third of Banda Aceh City area were lost and becoming un-useable land. Especially, along the coastal area and lowland area. Population of Banda Aceh left were predicted in 2005, about 198,000 people (one hundred and ninety-eight thousand) from 230,000 people (two hundred and thirty thousand) in 2003. (Source: BPS). It is the same amount of population of one sub-county (kecamatan) in Jabodetabek. But now, 3 (three) years after Tsunami, the population of Banda Aceh is rapidly increased. Many outcomer came from Java (Jakarta, Bandung, etc), foreigner from all countries, and workers from other provinces in Sumatera and Java to make fortune here. New Banda Aceh will come soon……..

Catatan: Beberapa sumber resmi di NAD menyebutkan jumlah penduduk asli Kota Banda Aceh pasca Tsunami 2004 sebenarnya berkisar antara 140,000 (seratus empat puluh ribu) sd 150.000 (seratus lima puluh ribu) jiwa. Bahkan beberapa data resmi ada yang menyebutkan angka sekitar 120,000 (seratus dua puluh ribu) jiwa. Sedangkan jumlah penduduk Banda Aceh sebelum Tsunami 2004, diperkirakan sekitar 200,000 (dua ratus ribu) jiwa. Jumlah ini sama atau lebih kecil sedikit dari jumlah penduduk kota Lhok Seumawe yang diperkirakan mencapai 150.000 (seratus lima puluh ribu) jiwa.



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