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THE BRIEF HISTORY: This Melayu sultanate of Langkat had a long historical relationship with Aceh Sultanate and Malaysia. This sultanate, once, became part of protectorate and under control of Aceh Sultanate. For this reason, Langkat made bilateral relationship with Siak Malay Sultanate (now located in Riau) to defence from Aceh Sultanate attacks and making inter-marriage-family relationship with Sultanate of Malay Peninsula. Regarding to related with Malaysia (Malay Peninsula), you can find many area in this ex-sultanate had similiar names with the names of places in west coast of Malaysia. Geographical names like Kedah, Perlis, Kelantan, are common names for the villages in coastal area of Langkat. From this, we already knew that the people of Langkat had long historical relationship by crossing the Malacca straits with the people in western coast of Malaysia.

THE AREA OF SULTANATE LANGKAT: Actually, Sultanate Langkat is the northest Sultanate from 9 (nine) Malay Sultanates in Eastern of Sumatera, such as; (1). Deli, (2). Serdang, (3). Batubara, (4)-(7). Asahan (Asahan-Kualuh, Bilah, Kotapinang, Panai), (8). Siak, (Sumber: Dunia Melayu Sedunia Website), stretching from Tamiang, Aceh until Siak in Riau. The area of exsultanate Langkat are the existing of Langkat County (now), plus Kota Binjai, and Aceh Tamiang in Aceh.

GAJAHMADA BORDER POINT: Some Aceh people said that once upon a time, Gajahmada, Majapahit knigts army, did not succed to interfere Aceh area. This knight army was stopped and fought back by Sultanate’s Aceh in area named Besitang, Langkat, now became border of Sumatera Utara and Aceh Province. That is why, Aceh always behave exclusive in this country.. (he he).

FACTS ABOUT LANGKAT: Actually this county is very pontencial and very strategy area and the location of this county near the eastern border of Aceh. Most of transportation between Medan and Banda Aceh passing through this county. But, the existing condition of Langkat now is very annoyed.

County of Langkat commonly can be divide into; the coastal area and the inland area. The coastal area like Teluk Aru Zone, Tanjung Pura and Stabat are more developed compare to the inland area. The first oil field exploration in Indonesia located in Telaga Said field, Teluk Aru area. And All the old heritages of Sultanate Langkat can be found here, in Langkat plane area. Especially, in Tanjung Pura the heartquarter of former Sultanate Langkat. The heritage of Mosque Azizi, the Palace and the cemetery of Sultanate Langkat are located in this small town. Mosque Azizi is wellknown all over the world. This mosque adopt the architectural of Turkish and Moghul India. The Duplicate of this mosque can be found in Malaysia, too.


Mosque Azizi, Tanjung Pura, Langkat. The duplicate of this mosque found in Malaysia

(He he… off the record; actually Malaysia impressive and exshauted very much with Indonesian culture, especially because of their close blood relationship with some ethnic in Sumatera, for example: Duplicate of Rumah Gadang Pagaruyung can be found in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan Malaysia. For me; It was never mind because Sumatera is the old and big brother of Malaysia).

The Inland area of Langkat topographically is hilly and mountainous area. Bukit Barisan mountain mostly dominated this southern and western area of Langkat. The majority of people settled in this area comes from the ethnic of Batak Karo and Gayo Aceh. The conservation of Gunung Lueser covers majority of this hilly area. Bahorok, little town here, is famous of his Orang Utan through all the world.

From me: I like this county of Sumatera Utara near border of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, where Minang, Bataks, Melayu, Aceh, Mandailing, Hokkian-Chinese, Tamil-India mixed and live in harmony.

Footnote: Malay is Melayu in Indonesian language. To make different with Malaysia, the word Malay is always added with peninsula, The Malay Peninsula.

Catatan (1): Menurut sejarah Dunia Melayu; terdapat 23 (dua puluh tiga) kesultanan boneka dan kedatukan di Sumatera Timur yang terikat kontrak politik dan short statement (no. 8 sd no. 23) dengan Kolonial Belanda. (1). Deli (2). Asahan (3). Siak (4). Serdang (5). Langkat (6). Kualuh (7). Pelalawan. (8). Billah (9). Gunung Sahilan (10). Kedatukan Inderapura (Batubara) (11). Kepenuhan (12). Kunto Darussalam (13). Kotapinang (14). IV Kota Rokan Hilir (15). Kedatukan Limapuluh (Batubara) (16). Logas (17). Panai (18). Kedatukan Pesisir (Batubara) (19). Rambah (20). Singingi (21). Kedatukan Suku Dua (Batubara), (22). Tambusai (23) Kedatukan Tanah Datar (Batubara)

Catatan (2): Kedatukan adalah sistem adat kesukuan yang dibawa para pendatang dari Minangkabau.



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