Posted by: afriyanto | December 21, 2007

Transit in Dubai

Dubai maybe the same pronounced like Bombay (now called Mumbai) in India. Different with Mumbai, this Arabian Persian Gulf City is an amazing, green, clean and planned city. Greenization is the priority of Dubai Emirates Government. Dubai is the biggest city in United Arab Emirates (UAE), and one of few rich emirates state of UAE from seven (7) emirates in this country. The Emirates are: (1). Abu Dhabi, (2). Dubai, (3). Sharjah, (4). Ajman, (5). Umm al-Qawain, (6). Ras al-Khaimah, and (7). Fujairah. Dubai is wellknown as a transit place before departure to other destination in Europa, Middle East or Africa. Terminal of Dubai International Airport is a comfortable place to shelter for (four) 4 hours transit time (he he..) and bigger comparing to terminal Bandara Soekarno Hatta. Moreless thirty millions (30,000,000) passangers transit and departure from this International Airport. You can make eye shopping here and perhaps purchase famous miniatur of beauty Dubai Tower here.

Footnote: Terminal of Dubai International Airport taken by camera Sony DSC-T10. Miniatur of Dubai Tower taken by camera of HP Sony Ericsson K770



  1. Dubai is a lovely place for a rich peoples but not for middle class, it is too hard to work there.

  2. dubai pengen banget ke sana….. 😀

  3. very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

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