Posted by: afriyanto | December 14, 2007


Bandung is a nice city and a cool calm place to visit everytime. Exploring this Paris van Java is such a new dimension of sensational feeling to the life. Food, Fashion, Female (he he.. 3 F’s), life and interesting site were available in this city. Nice places to visit:

1. If you come To Bandung at Friday, don’t mind making prayer at Istiqomah Mosque. This shady mosque located at back front of gedung Sate, at Jalan Citarum and this mosque actually had Minangkabau touches and Persian Architectural, and Arabic blocking style like in Salman ITB Mosque. Formerly, many Buya’s preached the khotbah in this mosque. (Buya is alim ulama in Minangkabau language).

2. After praying at Istiqomah, visit the Sundanese Warung Nasi Timbel, in front of this Mosque. You will taste 2 kinds of rice here. Nasi ketan timbel and nasi timbel. Fried chicken, sambal leunca, and fried salty fishes, and other sensational tastes of Sundanesse food. Alaaaaaaamakkk…kata orang2 Medan.

3. Back to your vehicle, listen to the Radio, switch on to the tune channel of 100.4 FM. KLCbs Radio. Feel the taste of Jazz in while you are in Bandung. And if you dont mind, visit this jazz broadcaster officee at jalan Karanglayung, you will get sticker of KLCbs Radio 100.4 FM. And stick it back of your car. (Renew your old sticker labelling 100.55 FM KLCbs with new one…).

4. After that, visit the Braga street, explore and cruising art and architectural book and other old books here. You can find many here.

5. Then in the afternoon, You can taste of coffee Aceh and roti cane with kari kambing at Kampung Aceh Cafe, at Jl, Ir. H. Juanda, DAGO. Imagine that you were having coffee at Ulee Kareng or jalan Surabaya, Banda Aceh for hours. Hana peng, hana inong, he he (Aceh slank…)

6. At noon, Back to the Sleep, nice place such Royal Dago and Royal Dago Inn are available here. Good breakfast you can have here. (secreet note; one parameter of good hotel is the breakfast). Buat PNS cukup stay in Royal Dago aja…… He he…

7. Good Luckkkkkkk…


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