Posted by: afriyanto | December 10, 2007


(Agnes Gonxha)

This holy nun had already dedicated and sacrificed whole of her life to the poorest and the poverty to this world. Is there anyone born like her, nowadays?

Mother Theresa born as Agnes Gonxha, in 1910 at Skopje, Former Yugoslavia, now called Republic of Macedonia with the ethnic of Albanian. Died in Calcutta (now Kolkatta), West Bengal, India, September 1997.

May Lord Blessed Her. (Adopted from many sources)

Note: The Facts about Macedonia: The term of Macedonia had three (3) different places in Balkans Peninsula, Europea;
a. Macedonia Republic, as a Former Yugoslavia,
b. Macedonia, as Greek Macedonian or Aegean Macedonia, as district provinces of Greece region,
c. Macedonia as a tiny part area of Bulgaria province of Blagoevgrad, unofficially called Pirin Macedonia.

Place of Mother Theresa born, Macedonia (Former Macedonia in Balkan Peninsula; included Macedonia, Greek Macedonia, Bulgarian Macedonia)

Macedonia Republic

Greater Macedonia, Included Macedonia Greek, Pirin Macedonia

Pirin Macedonia (Bulgaria)


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